If the Covid shutdown has offered just one good thing, I would like to think it would be the freedom from the regular old routine. This might sound strange, but let me explain.

A main benefit is that many workers are now working from home. More of a blessing than a curse, being able to stay home in your jammies to work on your laptop can be a great gift. This is a little bit of a change of scenery, during work hours that is.  

If you and your homeschooled kid(s) are ready for a larger change of scenery, what’s stopping you? Take up a temporary new residence, thanks to another positive side effect of Covid.

Perhaps a resort town with a hotel/indoor water park combo? A fully stocked condo in one of the coastal beach cities? Disney World?

No matter where paradise is for you, all that is really needed is a strong wi-fi signal, right? Load up the laptops, suitcases, swimsuits and Fido, and hit the open road to an awesome work stay-cation destination.

If more alone time during the day for work or personal time is on your agenda, some name brand hotel brands now offer a ‘learning center’ for your homeschooler(s). For instance, some hotels have come up with ‘schoolcations’. These are opportunities to have hotel staff assist your child’s school day.

A designated learning space with all tech supplies is supplied, along with a personal tutor. Some big chains even partner with hands-on field trip destinations, such as museums, to give a more well-rounded learning experience. The fee for these conveniences do vary from hotel to hotel.

So, while you are having to live and learn a different way during this pandemic, why not live and learn at a beach, a secluded cabin, or anywhere you can dream of. Maybe something good can come from ‘sheltering in place’ after all!

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