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Who would have known that we would be faced with an epidemic that would change the lives of every citizen in the United States? I watched the news and yes, I saw that China was facing their own epidemic called COVID19. Never did I know that COVID19 would find its way to the United States of America.  The day my boss walked into my classroom and handed me a letter that stated that all students/teachers would have to go home until further notice brought my life to a standstill like so many others…

Unprepared was what we were because our students were used to a curriculum taught by an in-person teacher.  How would they receive instructions? I thought. Confused I was, out of all my years teaching I never experienced any situation that made teachers teach in a different way. This way was called Virtual Online Learning. Weeks continued to pass and we had to adjust to virtual online learning. Months began to pass and teachers were adjusting to teaching their students by video. I believed that this experience was teaching us to become something better than what we were.

Parents were now being forced to homeschool their sons/daughters. Within days schools trained their teachers and many teachers learned as they went along. We had no time to ask how we arrived at this day and time? As time went on parents, teachers and students began to adjust to the days of homeschooling.

Homeschooling has never been a part of all students’ lifestyles.  Truth be told. Teachers enjoy spending time with their students and building relationships with their students. Some parents feel that homeschooling is too much for them, but it also helps parents spend time with their sons/daughters. Parents are now forced to build better relationships with their children through homeschooling.

Although homeschooling may crowd our schedule as parents. Some of today’s classrooms bring on challenging behaviors. Many students enjoy being able to focus better at home. A lot of students who are well behaved within their classrooms are left having to be made to adjust to the distractions within their classrooms. For many teachers, their hands are tied with misbehaved children, and sadly there is not much that principals can do. All students should be given the option of homeschooling if it fits the child and parent. Many homeschool curriculums provide you with the option of receiving help from a teacher if the child still needs help. Choosing the right curriculum for your son or daughter is extremely important for your homeschooling to be successful.

By Alisha Jones-Gardner