Due to the COVID-10 pandemic, families around the country have been participating in remote work and school. If you’re working from home with your kids, you may find it difficult to balance your job with their distance learning schedule. One way to ease your burden is to hire a nanny to help support your child’s schedule. By working together, your family’s schedule will be more efficient and manageable for everyone. 


The Benefits of Having a Nanny 

Hiring a nanny while you are working from home will save you a significant amount of time and stress. Your helper can help with as much or as little as you need. If you have early meetings during the week, for example, they can get your kids ready for school so you aren’t late for work. They can also make sure your children are watched over while you are working so you don’t experience interruptions during the day that can interfere with your job. 

Finally, a nanny will be able to offer personalized support to your child during their distance learning schedule. You may not have enough time to help your child adequately work through a difficult subject or homework assignment, but your nanny will. This will give ensure your child does not fall behind in their classes no matter how busy your work schedule is. 


How Parents Can Help with the Process

With proper coordination and communication, you can create an environment that benefits you, your children, and your caregiver. Set clear expectations at the beginning so your nanny knows exactly what you expect from them. Make sure they know you will be working from home and what your work schedule is like. Explain to your nanny how you expect them to help your child with school, whether it is technology assistance, homework help, or something else. 

Communication is key to establishing the ideal situation for your household. Let your caregiver know about your meetings each week and when you would like to not be interrupted. Explain when you will be taking breaks and want to spend time with your children. You should also discuss what activities are best for the children when they can take breaks.

Set up different spaces for you and your children to work and learn. This will help them stay focused. You may also want to talk to your children to establish authority. Let them know that the caregiver is in charge when you are not present, even if you are still in the home. 


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