Between daycare, outings with friends, and the playground, it’s no surprise when your child picks up a bug. It may feel inevitable that their cold will sweep through your entire household, but there are a few ways you avoid a family trip to the doctor. These tips will help you stay healthy as a homeschool parent. 

Don’t Share Anything

It’s great when kids want to share with others, but that rule needs to go out the window when they are sick. Germs can get transferred from your child to everything they touch. Don’t share the same utensils, cups, or towels whenever possible. Avoid letting your little one sleep in your bed unless it feels necessary. If you do need to share an item, wash or disinfect it before using it. 


Wash Your Hands

The easiest way to prevent germs from spreading is to wash your hands regularly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds to kill germs. Wash after holding your child, helping them blow their nose, or cleaning up after them. Think about high-touch points in your home and wash your hands after touching these as well. This can include door handles, sinks, toilets, and furniture. 


Get Vaccinated

Keeping your children up-to-date on their vaccinations will prepare their immune systems to defend against viruses. This includes visiting the doctor every year to get a flu shot. No vaccine is 100% effective, but immunizations will significantly reduce your child’s risk of catching and bringing home the illnesses they’re designed to prevent. Even if your kids aren’t in public school, they can still pick up a bug at many places, including the playground, grocery store, and daycare. 


Disinfect Surfaces

Several times a day, disinfect the areas in your home that your sick child is probably touching. Depending on their age, this may be the toilet handle, changing table, sink handles, remote controls, doorknobs, and computer keyboards. Wash sheets and pillowcases daily to make sure germs aren’t sticking around. If your child uses communal furniture like couches and chairs, consider placing a slipcover on these that can be washed every day as well.