Whether you want to set off fireworks at home, or go around to all the city’s fireworks displays, you want to ensure your family is safe, and enjoying themselves! No matter the age of your kids, there is bound to be challenges around seeing the fireworks and keeping everyone happy and safe.

If Your Kids Are Young

The biggest factor in staying safe this July 4th lies in the age of your children. Younger children may not realize what fireworks are, and can be scared, excited, nervous, or all three! And any of these emotions are normal and expected, but they can result in accidents. Excited children may get too close to fireworks being set off, or so excited they may hold onto a sparkler for too long or try to reach for a dispelled firework. If they are scared or nervous, they may try to get away from where the fireworks are being set off, and could get injured in a variety of ways. 

If it’s your kid’s first experience with fireworks, it’s best to stand further back so it’s less noisy and surprising when they first go off. Be prepared to sit back even further too, in case it is still too loud, especially when it is a town’s set of fireworks. Nervous kids may feel overwhelmed quickly, so it is best to keep an eye on them until you know they are more comfortable with the fireworks being set off. Just because you know what is happening, does not mean your kids will understand what’s happening.  

If Your Kids Are Older

Even though your kids are older and enjoy fireworks, does not mean that there are not still safety concerns. If you have teens at home, they may be wanting to set off fireworks themselves with their friends, and you will need to ensure they are being safe. Whether it is in your own backyard or at a friend’s house, always make sure there are multiple parents or adults around to supervise. Make sure the teens are not going to be handling the fireworks themselves, and that they are being cautious and mature around them. Of course, your teen is going to be rolling their eyes at your safety measures, but make sure they know what the risks can be if they are being too lackadaisical about safety. You don’t want to necessarily make them afraid of fireworks, but at least to be thinking about general safety while having a good time. 

It can be far too easy for people to get too comfortable around fireworks, but with the proper safety measures in place, all of you can enjoy this 4th of July easily!

Katie Kyzivat