Our lives are incredibly busy. We want our kids to grow both intellectually and mentally, but they need a certain environment to do so. Fortunately, homeschooling gives us the ability to create this environment for our kids as often as they need it. Here are a few ways to help kids find themselves.

Turn Off Screens

Technology is a crucial part of our lives today. While it can be great for learning and entertainment, it’s important to let your kids live away from screens as well. Consider setting time limits on shows, movies, and video games. You can think about making evenings or mornings screen-free so your child has to fill the time with other activities.

Encourage Them to Explore Their Interests

Your child can’t figure out what they’re meant to do in life if they don’t explore their options. Make sure you free enough time in their homeschooling schedule for them to try new hobbies and activities. Even if you don’t understand their interest in the subject, as long as it’s safe and affordable you should try to let them get a taste. You never know, it may be their new passion!

Give Them Time for Introspection

Even kids need time to sit and think about life. Make sure your kids don’t get so consumed with schoolwork, hobbies, and extra activities that they never get a breather. Carve out a few minutes each day for quiet time. Encourage them to read, journal, or practice beginner meditations.

Let Them Make Their Own Choices

As parents, we only want to see the best for our children. It’s painful to see them make decisions that end poorly, but those experiences often help them grow more than anything else. Of course, you’ll need to intervene if your child wants to do something physically dangerous, but in general, you should try to offer guidance instead of telling them exactly what to do. They’ll learn to develop a sense of judgment that will be invaluable later in life. They’ll also begin to understand their intuition and how to make important decisions as they get older.