Homework can be a major source of stress for kids. If they are struggling with a subject, this extra work can make them feel more overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are some changes you can make to your child’s homework routine that will help reduce their stress and anxiety about it. 


Avoid Procrastination

Homework isn’t the first thing most kids want to do once their homeschool classes are over. While it’s okay to let your child take a break when they need it, have them start their homework as early as possible. If you wait until later in the evening, it’s likely you and your child will both be tired and less enthusiastic about tackling homework. 

Starting early will also help you plan how much time will be needed to complete the assignment. This will avoid stress and frustration when your child is still working on their homework past their bedtime. 


Practice Time Management

It can be tempting for your child to look at their phone when trying to complete a difficult assignment. This will only waste time and slow down their progress. Help them practice good time management skills by setting their phone, tablet, and other distractions in another room while they work. Give them a quiet space to work without any noise so they can stay focused. 


Consider a Tutor

Even the most seasoned homeschool parent may struggle with teaching certain concepts. If your child is having trouble learning something, consider hiring a tutor of specialist to help them get through the subject. The extra help can also help you improve your teaching skills in the long run. 

A tutoring or learning center will allow your child to receive individualized help with their homework in a focused space. Whether they struggle with STEAM education, essay writing, or general study habits, a tutor can offer the ideal solution to their stress. 

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