It can be difficult being a parent and trying to determine when to introduce certain events and activities to your baby or small child. Trying to remember when you did these activities can be hazy, and of course every parent you ask can have a different answer. It’s ultimately up to you when to introduce swimming activities to your child, but the sooner the better is the ultimate answer!

Starting Out

Swimming is almost like second nature for most infants and babies. They were used to being in the womb for months, which involved being in fluid as well. Now that they’re on solid ground, it feels different moving around and finding their balance. Taking them to the pool can be a great way for them to reconnect with water and feel more in control of their movements. There’s almost no wrong time to take your baby to the swimming pool, though, in terms of their age. They can be newly born, three months, six months and above and still have a blast. You will want to make sure you bring the proper supplies, however, to ensure everyone is ready and geared up for a nice, enjoyable day at the pool.

Be Prepared

Just like with any activity outside of the home, you’ll need to be fully prepped and ready to go before leaving the house. Having everything you need will make the trip much more fun for both you and your baby. You’ll want to bring both swimming diapers and their regular diapers with you, and have plenty of each. All recreational swimming pool facilities will require swimming diapers so these are a must. Whatever you want your baby to wear is completely up to you, whether you want a full suit and floaties or just the basics to cover them up while swimming is purely your choice. You will want to bring your own fluffy towels for both you and baby to dry off, though. There are poncho style towels as well that can help stay on your baby, depending on how wiggly they are, and will help keep them warm. Your baby will have the most fun after their meal and are rested, so try to plan accordingly. They may enjoy having one of their bath toys there in the pool with them, so bring one along just in case. 

Happy Swimming!

Your baby will have a blast in the pool while you swirl them around and allow them to splash to their heart’s content. It’s a great bonding experience and an opportunity for your young one to develop an appreciation for the water, and potentially for swimming as they age. 

Katie Kyzivat