Whether you homeschool one child or your family has been isolated during the pandemic, you want to make sure your child doesn’t become lonely at home. It can also be difficult to keep them entertained at all times. Here are a few ways to prevent your child from feeling lonely while homeschooling.

Encourage Socialization

Although it’s certainly possible to keep your child well-socialized while homeschooling, it does take more effort than sending them to a public school all day. Make sure to carve out playdates, lunches, and extracurricular activities at least twice a week. It’s important for kids to socialize when other children their age as well as people older than them.

If you are staying home due to COVID restrictions, schedule online playdates over platforms like Zoom or FaceTime. You can also arrange with other parents for your children to play an online game together and communicate via their microphones.

Get a Pet

Pets can be a great way to give your child some extra company and teach them responsibility. Make sure they are old enough to be left alone with the animal and choose a pet that will be safe and properly handled in their care. A fish, for example, may be better suited for a rowdy six-year-old than a fragile kitten. You can show them how to feed the pet each day and how to play with it gently. This will teach them valuable life lessons and keep them occupied during their downtime.


Volunteering offers endless possibilities for socialization. You can take your child to visit a nursing home or help pass out meals at a food bank. They’ll get the opportunity to socialize with strangers, which is an important hurdle many children face. Home-based volunteer opportunities can also keep your child from experiencing loneliness when you are busy with work or other tasks. They can write letters to hospital patients, senior care residents, or soldiers overseas. They can also draw pictures or make crafts for these people. If they’re old enough, they can make blankets or hats to donate to the poor. This will help occupy their time in a productive and giving way.

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