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Are you trying to find ways to make homeschooling more fun and engaging for your child this year? From field trips to fun surprises, here are seven ways to make homeschooling fun.


1. Get in the Kitchen

Cooking is a great way to interact with your children while building important life skills. If your child is young, stay away from the stove and let them help you put together a chocolate pudding masterpiece or the perfect PB&J. Teach your high schoolers some basics like cooking chicken and roasting vegetables so they won’t rely on boxed mac and cheese when they go to college.


2. Go on Field Trips

A field trip to your local history museum or zoo is a fantastic way to bring education out of the home and let your kids shake up their routine. Teach your kids some relevant trivia or information the day before so they feel more connected with the location and are more engaged during the day.

3. Pop in an Educational DVD

Not all TV is bad! There are many movies and shows that teach valuable lessons to children and this can be a fun way to reiterate a lesson in a more engaging manner.


4. Get Out the Arts & Crafts

Letting your child get creative in as many ways as possible is incredibly beneficial. Layout some newspapers, grab the watercolors and markers and let them do their thing.


5. Explore Nature

Getting outside regularly is great for your health and your child’s. Camping, hiking, kayaking, and biking are just a few of the ways this can happen. Even a quick walk to the park can rejuvenate their entire day.

6. Ask for Suggestions

Your child knows best what they’re excited about. Talk to them about what interests them at the moment. Dinosaurs? Plan a lesson about paleontology and dinosaur bones. Princesses? Dress up together and have afternoon tea.


7. Celebrate Milestones

Expressing excitement for your child’s achievements is the number one way they’re going to have more fun with school. Throw a family party when they finish a book or get a good grade on a test. Buy a cake when they finally nail a concept they’ve been struggling with. Things like this will encourage them to keep trying hard.

Ultimately, your excitement for homeschooling will translate into their lives. If you show them how fun school is, they’ll believe you!

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