Homeschooling your kids is tough. Homeschooling your kids while holding a part-time or full-time job? That’s on a whole different level. Whether you’re in this position out of choice or necessity, here are a few tips to keep you sane.


Remember You Can’t Do Everything

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when working and homeschooling. There are only so many hours in a day and unfortunately, you can’t do everything! Keep this in mind as you tackle each day and be flexible with how your day goes.

Create a Daily Schedule

Having a daily routine sets clear expectations for your work and children. Children also thrive on routine, so this will be helpful for their schedules as well. Many working parents find it helpful to get up at the same time and discuss the day’s plans over breakfast. Talk with your boss to see if you can get your children set up in their lessons before you clock into work. Start with a simple schedule and don’t add in anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. If extra time frees up, you’ll find a way to fill it.

Be Flexible

Does a day ever go completely as planned? Not with kids, at least. Be prepared for work interruptions and priority shifts. Inevitably, your child will get sick or the dog will scratch up the couch or you’ll realize you’re out of milk. All in the same day. If you start to get overwhelmed, take a deep breath and do the best you can.

Make Time for Your Kids

While being an employee and a teacher, it can be hard to also be a parent. Your kids love you in whatever position you’re adopting, but they love you as a parent the most and want to see that side of you. Schedule in free time with your children if you need to. Have meals together, exercise together, and spend as much time having fun as a family as you can. Be intentional with your time with them. Kids will be able to tell if you’re distracted by work emails and not really with them.