Dear parents, who have problems with assignments, do not finish them on time or get through them. It’s okay, you’re not alone, and we will get through this together. After all, this is the point of this platform, to show that you’re not alone and that others are going through similar things as you. Figure out a routine; how can you help yourself get through these lessons with your child/student. What do you think the problem is? If you have anything that is a distraction near you, it’s time to get rid of that distraction while doing school work. Is it something that has to do with you or your child when it comes to not completing the assignments? If it’s you, ask yourself what you can do, so that doesn’t happen if it has to do with the child/student. Pull them aside and talk to them about it, tell them that their school work is important, and you notice that they have been distracted lately when it comes to it. Ask them if they know that they have been getting distracted lately; the child must understand that there is something that’s been distracting them and that a distraction towards school work is not a good thing. If it’s you, it’s okay. With everything that’s been going on all over the world, distraction does happen. If you have to take a break, take a break, and prepare yourself to teach the lesson, you’re planning on teaching. Sometimes taking a small break can help the mind and clearing out anything that plays a distraction. You can even take a break with the child.  Go out for a jog with them, read a book with them, listen to music, watch a video, or even scroll through t.v with them during the break.

It is important to have breaks, especially when you’re working the mind as even the mind needs a break sometimes. You’re doing a fantastic job; remind yourself that. Don’t drive yourself too hard. Keep distractions away and figure out a way to stop them from happening, and you’ll notice that improvements will happen.