One of the biggest fears a new homeschool parent has is that their child won’t learn proper socialization skills if they aren’t enrolled in public school. This is far from the truth, as any seasoned homeschool parent. Raising a child with healthy social skills not only helps them get along with others and develop friendships, but it contributes to success later in life as well. Children with socialization skills know how to listen, navigate uncomfortable situations, and manage their emotions in a healthy way. Here are a few tips for helping your little one become more social. 


Talk, Talk, Talk

As hard as it is to avoid baby talk when your child is young, it is best to communicate with them like you would with anyone else. You can simplify things, of course, and treat them like a child, but baby talk won’t allow them to learn how to communicate with others. Talk to your child about everything that you do and explain to them what is happening. Encourage them to ask questions and make an effort to understand them when they talk to you. You want your child to grow up knowing that it is okay to ask questions and share their opinion wherever they are. 


Encourage Play Dates

Play dates are crucial for homeschool families. Not only do these give you a break from teaching your kids, but they also allow your child to meet new people and establish relationships. Encourage interactions with other children like visits to the playground or local museum. Play dates are great for kids of all ages. If a conflict arises, let your child try to work it out alone before attempting to jump in a fix it. This will help them further develop their social skills by navigating difficult situations with their peers. 


Be a Good Example

Children soak up everything their parents say and do. It’s hard to convince your child to be social if you avoid every gathering and party because you don’t want to spend time with other people. Take your child with you to child-appropriate events and show them how fun it is to interact with others. Stay calm when problems arise with other people and show them by your example how to communicate with patience.