Learning independence is an important part of growing up. Homeschooling your children gives you plenty of opportunities to allow them to become more independent. As a parent, there are many ways you can help your child make their own decisions and learn independence skills. Here are a few ways you can help them from home. 


Assign Them Chores

No kid enjoys doing chores, but there is some truth to the concept that they “build character.” Not only do chores teach your child new skills and how to work, but they can help your kiddo develop more independence too. Helping around the house can give kids a sense of ownership over the home and help them understand the importance of responsibility. 

Young children who are still learning independence will need age-appropriate chores that are safe for them to complete without constant adult supervision. Good chores to give a toddler include picking up their toys, wiping down the kitchen table, and putting their books back on the shelf. 


Don’t Do Everything For Them

It is a natural instinct for parents to jump in whenever their child is struggling with something. If you want your child to become more independent, it’s important to risk these urges as long as your child isn’t in danger. For example, if they are struggling with writing out a letter of the alphabet during the homeschool day, encourage them to work at it on their own for a few minutes before you step in to help. By allowing them to figure out tasks on their own, you’ll show them that they are capable of doing things solo. 


Offer Encouragement

It can take young children a while to get the hang of being independent. At times, they may get frustrated or discouraged as they try to complete new tasks. They may struggle with doing things on their own and they will fail sometimes. It’s important to encourage them to keep trying as they work through life. Make sure they don’t feel pressured or anxious to complete any tasks. Offer lots of praise for their efforts. 

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