For most students, the walk down the aisle upon graduation is the best feeling in the world. You have accomplished a huge task, and now you get to show your dedication by receiving your diploma and tossing your hat up into the air. But with the gauntlet of Covid-19 these last two graduation ceremonies, it’s been quite a different experience for each graduating class. Looking ahead, how will each year be different for each senior class and how can you help your seniors adjust to these changes?

Previous Graduations

The graduating class of 2020 certainly got the short end of the stick when it came time for ceremonies. Many schools had to cancel any actual in-person graduation ceremonies as there was still too much unknown about the coronavirus, and it was spreading at an alarming rate. Many graduates had to simply accept their diploma through the mailbox, maybe getting together with family and friends online to celebrate. Some schools offered online celebrations as well, but for many students, the feelings aren’t quite the same. And to move on from that experience into online college courses or into the workplace can leave your graduates feeling a little despondent or let down. 

For the graduating class of 2021, things were looking up a little more. Many schools were holding graduation ceremonies, albeit at lower numbers of capacity. Depending on the size of the schools, some had to split the graduating classes by half or even by fourths to ensure there were low enough numbers in attendance to help decrease the spread of Covid. But it still meant that grads were able to walk down the aisle and get their diploma, and have their friends and family nearby. Some schools may not have participated to be on the safe side, or simply didn’t have enough time to properly plan a graduation, but for the majority of students, this was a pretty safe and normal snap back to the way things were. 

Continuing On

With in-school learning preparing to commence come September 2021, it can only be expected that seniors this year will be able to graduate normally with a ceremony and celebration. With more and more Americans getting vaccinated, a return to normalcy seems to be in sight. Although it’s a way away until the graduating class of 2022, one can only hope that the festivities and celebrations will continue on as it has been for years.