So many parents will be left with a decision to make when school resumes in late August and September. With COVID19 still in the midst, several schools have made the decision to do virtual learning with their students at home. However, there are still many schools that have given students a hybrid schedule. Having a hybrid schedule means that students will go to school some days in the week and students will do virtual school the remaining days in the week.

Several parents are concerned that by giving students the hybrid schedule it will increase the chances for students to bring the virus home which could possibly affect a parent or grandparent who’s at high risk. As I think of all these situations, I continue to think that either no one cares about our children and leaders in education or we do not care about each other.

Some Examples are: A single mother or father who can’t work from home and is the head of household, two parents who both work out of the home whose children are virtually learning, the grandmother who can not sit and help their grandchild because they do not understand the material given by their teacher? How can a child and/or parent prepare for this?

On August 27, 2020 there were 178,998 thousand deaths due to COVID19 stated on the COVID19  website. Keep in mind that as a primary caregiver of a child we must provide the best virtual learning experience that we can.

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