You’ve most likely worn many hats this last year and a half, juggling not only the usual number of daily tasks and responsibilities, but also taking on even more. You may have had to create a whole new plan for your childcare, or started teaching your children at home on top of your job. It was hectic for sure, but hopefully your world is starting to return to normal, and with that, a chance to breathe. 

Remember to Take Time for Yourself

You may have been running ragged these past few months, and maybe you’ve already treated yourself to a vacation this past summer.  But keep in mind that for the last almost two years, you and your family may have been at home the entire time. You’re going to need more time to relax and unwind than just one weekend trip. Ensure that you’re taking the proper amount of time off to recharge. You could need 10 minutes one day, and two hours the next, but don’t feel guilty taking that time for yourself. As parents, it’s hard to put yourself first, but it’s also very important to do as you’re the one running the show, and need to be at your best to take care of the little ones. 

Do What You Want

Okay, so you’ve set aside a weekend where you can relax, but again, ensure it’s what you want to do to unwind. If your significant other wants to go hiking or shopping to recharge, that may not be what will help you bounce back and relax. Of course, you may want to spend a day together doing something fun, but make sure it’s exciting for both of you, and then potentially have a second day where you can each go off and have fun. Taking the time to decompress is important, but if it’s not an activity that will help you do just that, it may almost stress you out more!

Remember to Have Fun!

And similar to doing something that interests and relaxes you, is to also have fun! If you’re worrying that you have to keep putting off a chance to relax, don’t worry and fret more! This will only add to the laundry list of tasks and worries you already have, so don’t feel pressured either. If you can’t find a whole day but you know you need it, start taking just an hour each day or even every other day. Find little snippets of time where you can, so you can take some time for yourself and don’t burn out. Then really find a day or weekend or any time frame you need to truly recharge and get the time you need. 

Katie Kyzivat