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Listen, we must have this talk.

The talk on how we can teach our children, to social distance, and how to keep their mask on. Especially our Grade School Children.

Now, this is something that’s going to be hard for not only the children but for you as a parent as well.

Especially if you’re considering, on sending your child back to school.

As we all know, the pandemic that had hit the world is something that no one had seen coming or was prepare for. It is something that no one either knows the outcome of as well.

Although that is the case, we find ourselves doing the best we can by keeping ourselves and the people around us safe.

When it comes to our children, we must pull them aside and inform them that this is something that will keep them safe and the people around them safe as well.

So this is how you tell your child to stay six feet apart and to wear their mask.

Inform your child about the pandemic; it is essential to tell your child about the reason they have to do this. You could do this by relating it to them in the form of a story or by showing them YouTube videos of the way people have broken down the pandemic to their child.

After you have done that phase, explain to them why they must keep themselves six feet apart from others, even if it’s their dear friends that they can’t wait to see back in school. Explain to them that although they want to hug their friends and might even want to exchange items with their friends, like crayons, books, folders, or also mask. Yes, your child might even want to exchange their mask with their friends. Explain to them that they’re not able to and why they shouldn’t.

You might not want to keep your child in the loop all the way, but I would reconsider that if I were you. It is vital to keep your child in the loop with things, whether they’re grad school kids, middle school kids, or high school kids.

You can continue to explain these updates to your child through stories like themes or videos.

A way that you can get your child to keep their mask on always is to get a mask that they would enjoy wearing and showing off. Suppose your child enjoys a TV show, movie, character, or game. Consider getting a mask made with those in mind or purchasing one. You can even go mask shopping with your child and let them decide on which mask they would like to wear during this pandemic. When it comes to informing your child with staying six feet apart, tell them that it is something that will keep them and the person that they’re staying six feet apart from safe. Consider forming it into a game if you happen to go out in public with your child. Let them lead the game every single time you and your child go out in public, so in that way, they would be familiar with staying six feet apart from others.

Unfortunately, this is the new world, and as much as we don’t like wearing a mask, we still do it, and our children still do it because it keeps others safe. I wish you all luck with helping your children transition into this.


Kassandra Vivu is a Writer, content creator, and published author, she enjoys writing and has a passion for it, but that’s not all she does. She’s working on becoming a Medical Examiner as well. When Kassandra isn’t going to historical or art museums, she is creating art by either painting, sketching, drawing, or making music with her instruments. Kassandra currently lives in South Florida, where she improves on her career and her success.