I know there comes a time that everyone who has gone through Home School or is being homeschooled, wanting to be homeschooled, or teaching at home has thought, “Is Home School for me?” Don’t worry; it’s a question that has arisen in other minds who are going through those exact thoughts you’re going through as well. People have chosen the Home School path for different reasons.

The reasons could vary from wanting the children in the comfort of home while still gaining and maintaining their education.

The parents seeing that having the children in public school is not a benefit as they’re not learning enough in public school or everything that’s required to learn at that grade level. The parents are feeling that public school is not safe enough for their children or seeing that their children instead be homeschooled than in public school because not only is it helping them mentally but emotionally and physically as well. There is nothing wrong with those thoughts that you’re having right now. You’re having these thoughts because you care for the child/children and want what’s best for them. You happening to just read this and searching to see if you could do home school should let you know that you’re doing your best. So, let’s see if Home School is the right path for you.

The first thing I would say is to investigate your state’s requirements on Home School. Home School is legal in fifty states, and you can even start today if you truly wanted to, but of course, there are things you’re going to want to know before you take that leap. Also, when children are homeschooled, they’re still required to take the State’s exam. Whether it’s Elementary level, Middle School/Junior High level or High School level, the child does have to take state requirement exams, so what that means is that you also must prepare your child for those state requirement exams while you’re Home Schooling your child. It is a challenge, but it’s not impossible to do. There are websites, online programs, worksheets, and even books that can help you prepare your child for these exams and can help you teach them the right materials as well.

While you’re working into getting into the Home School teaching, take the time to see what subject the child is struggling the most in and take notes on the way you can help the child improve. An excellent benefit with Home School is that your child is not mixed in with other children that are also struggling in certain subjects that also need the teacher attention, so that means you would be able to give the child your undivided attention and be able to help them with the problem they’re facing in that subject. Take time and reflect if you will be able to give the child the attention they need.

Stay tuned later this week for my next blog post, “Is Homeschool for you? Part 2” for more information to help you with this decision.

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