May 2020 is Mental Health Month, so it only seems appropriate to share some news regarding homeschooling and its effect on your child’s mental health.

I recently came across an article posted on ( about the affect that homeschooling could have on children. According to this article, a significant number of parents stated that online homeschooling was good for their child’s mental health. No scientific data was presented to back their claim, it was just parents sharing what they saw and felt while homeschooling their children.

Online Homeschooling and Improved Mental Health

It’s important to clearly state that mental health is a very serious matter that afflicts tens of millions of Americans. By no means are we suggesting that homeschooling is a magical cure for serious mental health issues. What we are saying is that online homeschooling is believed to be beneficial to the mental health of students.

When researching the mental health benefits from homeschooling, minimizing stress and anxiety was a common theme. It’s no secret that high school is an awkward and stressful period for adolescents, but when you now factor in social media and bullying, many students find themselves overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. Online homeschooling allows children to learn in a comfortable environment, which helps alleviate stress/anxiety. Another benefit of homeschooling is that the student has greater control of his educational experience, which inspires both confidence and a sense of security.

Homeschooling is also believed to help minimize depression that many students experience due to traditional schooling. Bullying, challenging coursework, and awkward social interactions are primary factors in the depressive tendencies of students who attend brick-and-mortar schools. Online homeschooling provides a reassuring environment that minimizes feelings of depression.

Another benefit of homeschooling is that children get to spend more time with their parents and family. Being around their loved ones provides invaluable emotional and psychological support. According to Gordon Neufeld, PhD “homeschooling parents retain the ability to guide their children gradually to a connected type of independence by way of the natural dependency of childhood.” In short, being homeschooled shields the child from bullying and unwanted peer pressure while promoting an environment that enhances personal development and good mental health.

Its also believed that online homeschooling gives your child more freedom to embrace who they are. Homeschooling allows you to create a learning schedule that fits the specific needs of you and your child. Having such a flexible schedule gives your child the time to play sports, participate in social clubs, and learn about things not covered in their schoolwork. This freedom to learn and grow is beneficial to your child’s self-esteem and overall mental health.

Whether or not you homeschool your children, it’s important to monitor the mental health of your children. In support of Mental Health Month, we encourage you to check out Mental Health America’s “The Million in May Initiative” (The Million in May Initiative). Mental Health America offers a quick, free, and private online mental health screening to everyone and anyone.

Global Student network shares Mental Health America’s commitment to good mental health. Please be sure to monitor the mental health of your children, and should you suspect a problem, please seek professional help.