Nothing screams summer more than a good old-fashioned barbecue, followed by fireworks! But remembering to stay safe and secure during the holidays is also important for you and your family. Continue reading to get a refresher on safety when it comes to groups of people, fires and more.

Safety in Numbers

Whether it’s a county wide barbecue or if your street is having a big old July 4th bash, there’s going to be a lot of people around. And if your family is going to stroll along the road or fairgrounds, it’s important to keep each other informed of whereabouts and how to safely navigate the crowds. If your children are younger, it’s even better staying with them to ensure they don’t get lost among the throngs, or ensuring they’re tagging along with children their own age that also have a parent or two along. Explain to your slightly older children again about talking to strangers, how to cross the road (even if it’s closed due to the festivities), and what to do if they do feel like they’ve become lost. 

Fireworks A Popping!

Again, you may be camping out on a lawn to watch the county fireworks or snuggling up right in your own backyard, but it’s still a good idea to go over some tips and safety rules with your children. Of course, any child shouldn’t be handling fireworks of any kind unless they’re along the lines of a sparkler. But not touching or setting them off aren’t the only things kids may do with fireworks, so it’s important to give them a tutorial. Make sure they know not to touch any fireworks that just went off, even hours after the fact. Reiterate that even if their friends were able to nab some fireworks, they shouldn’t be touching or interacting with them, and neither should their friends! It can be loud and overwhelming when they go off, especially the larger productions, so let your children know it’s okay if they want to leave or need a few minutes to calm down. It’s also not a bad idea to carry some ear plugs for the whole family. Even letting them know what to do if they get a spark or two on their clothing can be a relief for you and your child in case of an emergency. 

Safety should come first no matter the holiday, but it’s definitely more applicable during July 4th. Be safe out there!

Katie Kyzivat