As the cooler weather slowly creeps in and the homework starts to pile up, your kids may be wishing for summer vacation already in September! But just because they are back to school and the leaves are turning, does not mean you cannot sneak a little bit of fun before it gets chilly outside!

One More Pool Party

Whether you have your own outdoor pool space or need to rely on another one, it is not too late for one more pool adventure! You can plan a weekend day around it or simply surprise your kids with a trip to the city pool after school. You can even coordinate with a few of your kids’ friends to make it a big to-do on a Saturday, and even visit a water park before they potentially close for the season. If you live close enough to a beach, making a day of it is also a great way to get outside and enjoy the weather, and give your kids a little mini-break as they transition back to their school days. With Labor Day weekend, it is a bonus long weekend you can take advantage of as well! No matter how you frame it, your kids are going to love basking in the sun and working on their swimming. Any excuse to visit a body of water is a good one! 

Big Barbecue

Of course, the weather may cooperate for a little while longer than September to allow you more BBQs, but nothing beats a good grilling when the weather is a little warmer. Get the kids involved in the meal prep, whether it is for ribs, kebobs, burgers, or more! They can help slice up fruit and vegetables, or help prep salads, whether they are traditional green salads or more of the macaroni and potato variety. You can grill out just for your family or have a big bash with your neighbors, or new friends of your children they just met at school. This is a great way to meet their parents and make new friends for yourself, too!  

Yard Party

Having a big party in your backyard is another fun way to involve your children’s new friends in a more relaxing environment. It can even be a combination of a backyard barbecue and fun activities for the kids (and the parents, if you want!). You can make DIY cornhole style-games with a few pieces of plywood, or get out the sprinklers and inflatable pools to keep cool! If you want to go all out, you can even rent a bounce house for all the children (and the grownups) to bounce and slide around in!

Katie Kyzivat