As we begin entering the cooler weather and busier school schedules, now may be your last chance to do something fun with your younger children. Whether it’s something more specific to your family or not, we all know how each day and month goes by very quickly. 

Starting Up

Doing something fun with your smaller children, like a lemonade stand, is a small, fun way to spend time together. It doesn’t take a lot of commitment time wise, and can be very fun for everyone involved. You can make it as creative or involved as you want, or your children want! The most obvious focus is the lemonade itself, then you can make a stand however you care to. Have your children help you make up the lemonade, adding fruit if you’d like or any other ingredients to make it more unique or flavorful. Make up plenty of batches, though, as you never know how quickly you’ll sell your drinks! Starting the lemonade stand during the weekend or even Friday evening is ideal, as you’ll see neighbors and others driving around more frequently. They’ll definitely stop and help support your “side hustle”! 

Making Magic

Again, the stand part of the lemonade stand can be as creative or inventive as you want. If your children are much smaller, you may refine the design to something more basic, and have them help decorate it instead. If you have slightly older children, they may actually want to help build a stand, whether it’s with plastic, wood, or metal. You can even use a simple table and chairs from your own home, and just decorate it quickly. Grab a few disposable tablecloths and other bright colored decorations, and let your children help make the signs. 

Open for Business!

If you want to add another element to your lemonade stand, you can also make it a fundraiser! Whatever profits you make from the lemonade can directly benefit an organization, that your children can even pick! Maybe it’s an animal shelter, or maybe it’s a woman’s rights organization, it doesn’t matter! You’ll just know that you’re doing something fun with your kids and raising money for a non-profit that’s doing good in the world. 

Katie Kyzivat