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versusWhen homeschool first began trending in the education world, it was clear to everyone that public school and this new alternative were mutually exclusive.   What was written and discussed regarding the two approaches could often be entitled “Homeschool vs. Public School.”  It seemed as though these two distinct camps came together only to find fault with one another.

Then, more students began leaving traditional school settings to pursue education at home; their reasons being those of safety concerns, bullying, academic dissatisfaction, and desire to incorporate a faith-based curriculum.  Homeschooling began to produce many students who scored as well if not better than their public school peers, students who were well-rounded, and students who were sought after by ivy-league colleges.   These two factors – the quantity and quality of students – established homeschooling’s place on the educational landscape.  It was no longer “Homeschool vs. Public School” but now “Homeschool AND Public School.”

School districts are becoming a microcosm of this larger truth.  Many districts now offer at-home options, thus retaining students who might otherwise leave the public school system.  And many homeschool students are finding services within doors of brick-and-mortar schools.  What once was mutually exclusive is now often mutually beneficial.

A leading curriculum provider making this possible is Global Student Network (GSN).  Besides the thousands of homeschool students it has served, GSN offers online curriculum used by public schools.  In the school itself, GSN provides credit recovery, supplemental instruction, and learning enrichment.  Because the curriculum is web-based, it is an efficient pedagogy requiring fewer consumable resources.  Also through GSN, school districts can serve homebound students or those students who would learn better in a home setting.  Essentially the student reaps the benefits of homeschool while the district retains the student and consequently the funding.

The pinnacle of this hybrid approach is the virtual learning academy (VLA).  Many schools and school districts are seeking solutions because of the number of students leaving public education. Hence, the birth of “Virtual Learning Academies” from within – an online, at-home option offered by the public school. The results have been astounding. Schools already partnered with Global Student Network are saying “We’ve been able to graduate students we would not have been able to otherwise.  Not to mention, keeping students active who may have otherwise quit altogether.”

GSN is fully equipped to establish a Virtual Learning Academy for any public school, charter school and private school seeking options and programs currently used by thousands of accredited institutions and facilities worldwide. No need to settle for only one or two program options because the Global Student Network has six (6) different online curricula programs to choose from. GSN has and will continue to hand pick the best curriculum developers/programs in the entire country, both secular and Christian based, in order to share that selection process with you!

Today, GSN’s partners include: A+ Learning Systems, Apex Learning, OdysseyWare, Pearson’s GradPoint, Alpha Omega Publications, Compass Learning and even Rosetta Stone World Languages… with more programs to follow.  Imagine, having all of this available to you, under one roof, with only a 5-student minimum requirement!!

With your very own Virtual Learning Academy established by GSN, schools can offer interactive, web-based curriculum with tools in place for tracking progress and results. If your school has a shortage of certified highly qualified online teachers, they can be provided, as well. GSN will even assist in developing your personalized website so you can be up and running, ready to enroll students within two weeks.

GSN can provide what schools need to make the connection between public and homeschool, helping schools navigate “life after ‘versus.’”

Copyright © 2013 J. Hoffman / GSN (NV)

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