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There are many homeschooling myths and misconceptions. Sure, it isn’t for everyone, but homeschooling is an option that fits the lifestyle of many people in a healthy way. Here are six homeschooling myths and why they’re inaccurate.


1. All homeschooling families are religious.

Homeschooling first became popular mainly among religious families who wished to instill their values into their children in a more prominent way, but homeschooling has become much more mainstream in recent years.


2. Homeschooled children are unsocialized.

This is a common homeschooling myth that has been debunked over and over again. Socialization does not have a requirement to be held inside a school building. Homeschooled children are free to participate in sports, church, clubs, volunteer organizations, and hang out with their friends.


3. Homeschooled kids can’t get into college.

There is no statistical evidence to suggest this homeschooling myth is true. All colleges welcome and many seek out homeschooled children, who tend to have a higher probability of being more involved in multiple endeavors outside of school.


4. Homeschoolers stay inside all day.

This is largely up to the parents and kids themselves, but there is by no means an expectation that homeschooled children need to stay inside and study all day. Often the opposite is true. Many homeschoolers have more free time than public school students and are able to spend more time doing things like going on walks, visiting museums, traveling, and more.


5. Parents aren’t qualified to teach.

As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else. This gives you the ability to tailor their education based on their needs better than even the most good-intentioned teacher ever could. State guidelines and the hundreds of sample curriculums out there will keep you on track with the necessary education so you can focus solely on your child.


6. Homeschoolers don’t have friends.

As mentioned earlier, most homeschooled children actually have more time to do things like hanging out with friends than kids stuck in busy public school days. There are probably more homeschool families near you than you realize who can get together for an entire day of socializing and fun learning if you want. Homeschooled kids have the same opportunities to make friends as any other kid, just as long as it occurs outside of the public school building.


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