There are harder finds of true beauty than the natural world around us – sure, AI is coming up with some pretty spectacular images, but seeing a sunset or sunrise in person can be awe inspiring! Don’t forget to include your kids in some of the best and easiest pastimes: nature photography!

No Frills, Just Fun!

Nobody has to have a degree in photography or know every single species of animal they photograph, and that includes you! Whether you have always enjoyed being in nature or are looking for an excuse to spend more time outdoors, taking pictures of the natural beauty around you is always a good idea! Your children can tag along and either take photos with their own phones, or if they are too young, can help you pick out the local wildlife for some candid shots. You do not have to have a special photographer’s camera or anything fancy to enjoy yourselves, although if you do have an actual camera, it will just make the experience even more fun!

Special Time Together

Whether you want it to be a specific time every week, or you simply grab a hat and sunscreen and call your kids over to join you, there is always a great time to get outside! With the start of school and the weather cooling down, it is also a great time to catch some animals moving around the forests and your backyard. You and your kids will appreciate the cooler weather and the animals may be beginning to migrate or move around more with less heat. You and your kids can decide if you want to look for any specific species native to your area, or if you want to simply walk around and see what appears – it is completely up to you! You can also set aside time to specifically watch the sunset or the sunrise with your kids too, for them to truly appreciate the start (or end) of a new day. 

Time for Unplugging

And if you were already thinking about decreasing the amount of time your children are on their electronic devices, this can be an easy way to begin! Although they may use their phone to take pictures, make sure that is the only thing they are doing while you stroll along some nature paths. Tell them to take a half an hour walk with you and then they can go back to their video game! It is a great way to ease them into taking a break from their devices while also enjoying the beauty of another day!

Katie Kyzivat