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Global Student Network is pleased to announce that students can now enroll in online American Sign Language (ASL) courses. Offered through eDynamic Learning, students have two options for learning sign language: American Sign Language 1:  Learn to Sign; American Sign Language 2: Communicating. 

About ASL Online Courses

American Sign Language 1, Learn to Sign, introduces students to the “language, grammar and phonology” so that new learners can begin very quickly to communicate using ASL.  Students will also study deaf culture, including “social beliefs, traditions, history, values, and communities influenced by deafness and which use sign language as the primary means of communication.” (Source:  eDynamic American Sign Language course description.)

American Sign Language 2, Communicating, builds on skills taught in ASL 1.  Students will “expand [their] knowledge of the language as well as the understanding of the world in which it is frequently used.”  Vocabulary building is one of the goals of this course, as well as teaching students to “interact, using facial expressions and body language.”  ASL technology trends will be covered as part of the course and students will have the opportunity to explore education and career opportunities within the ASL community. (Source:  eDynamic American Sign Language course description.)


Why Study ASL

In addition to being able to communicate with those of the deaf community, there are many great reasons to study sign language. Here are three:

  1. Foreign Language Credit Many, if not most, schools and universities accept sign language course credits to fulfill world language requirements. So if learning German, Spanish, French, or Italian does not appeal to a student, they can let their fingers to the talking! 
  2. Improved Motor Skills Using your hands to communicate builds coordination and strength, resulting in improved motor skills.
  3. Overall improved communication Sign language involves more than your hands and fingers; it involves the entire body. Therefore those who learn sign language have an improved ability to read general body language. The ability to read body language improves overall communication.


Click here to start learning American Sign Language today!