Many people set aside time and energy for bettering themselves with the new year. It’s a great way to look forward and stay positive, no matter what the coming year may have in store. But what about for families? How can you as a parent help to improve yourself and how your family “operates”?

Getting Organized

One way that you can easily help your family out is by keeping an updated calendar. No matter the ages of your children, there’s bound to be activity after activity on any given day, and keeping this organized not just for yourself but for the whole household can make a big difference. Having a traditional wall calendar or other type of day-to-day document outlining all the details of the day and what’s coming up will save you time and stress, for sure. If your schedule is on point, but your home life could use some organizing, what better time than after the holidays? Many families have not only a living room but a living room/classroom, or your dining room table may be overloaded with school supplies and random items. Having to combine rooms to help your family through the year can also cause a lot of clutter! Getting organized and tackling these areas room by room can help you breathe easy, especially with more gifts and items being unwrapped soon. 

Parenting Itself

If you’re a first time parent this year, there’s bound to be question after question on your mind. Not only is parenting a complete 180 from what life was like before, but with a pandemic happening at the same time can throw you off even more. There’s no harm in asking others their opinions and tips and tricks for handling certain situations or mood swings or really anything that’s on your mind. Your child may be entering the terrible two’s and you’re at a loss for what to do, or your child is suddenly a teenager and reaching the “angst” phase. Nothing about parenting is cookie cutter, and it’s important to stick together when you can. 

Doing Good

No matter how you decide to improve your family life, there’s bound to be positive results! From getting decluttered and organized to relieving stress over parenting, everyone can use a hand in the process. Make sure you’re available for any new families to your neighborhood or if anyone is asking for advice. You may feel like you need the resolutions when you can also help others do the same!  

Katie Kyzivat