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Online Solutions: Ideal for Last-Minute Summer School Plans

As the spring semester draws quickly to an end, summer school looms large on the horizon. Is your school looking for last-minute options for summer school? Schools find solutions to their summer learning needs through Global Student Network (GSN) and here is why –

GSN Provides Multiple Curricula Options

Unlike other curriculum providers, GSN offers not only one but seven curricula. Options include:

  • A+
  • Accelerate
  • Apex Learning
  • eDynamic
  • Ignitia
  • Odysseyware
  • Plato

This means one approved purchase order can provide multiple options.

Online Curriculum Maximizes Budget Dollars

Online learning makes it possible to offer a number of courses with minimal staffing. Regarding faculty, GSN can train your teachers or even provide teachers that can support courseware your school chooses.

Effective Learning Experience

Working at their own pace through an interactive personalized learning platform, students are motivated and engaged. Each curriculum is academically robust and mastery-based to ensure student success.

Numerous Course Options

Each courseware has multiple class listings, totaling well into the thousands. Whether your needs are credit recovery or electives, remedial or honors, GSN has many options.

Aligned with State and National Standards

Looking for curriculum aligned with Common Core? GSN has it. Looking for state-specific standards? Please check out our curriculum comparison chart.

Low Minimum Student Requirement

Unlike other curriculum providers, GSN has only a 5 student minimum, not requiring a large volume purchase order.

How to Enroll Your School with GSN

  1. Determine your needs and choose a curriculum or curricula to best meet those needs.
  2. Contact an enrollment specialist with any questions.
  3. Go to ENROLL YOUR SCHOOL. This video walks you through the process.

About our Company

Global Student Network (GSN) has provided online curriculum since 2004, offering over 2,000 online courses to public schools, charter schools and private schools.  Courses serve individual learners working either inside or outside the traditional K-12 education system, or as a hybrid “blend” of classroom and online instruction.



GSN Online Curriculum Assists with:

  • Drop-out prevention – Use of online curriculum can help school districts alleviate problems associated with student retention, drop-out reduction, and loss of revenue due to drop-outs. GSN’s middle school and high school online courses provide a pathway to success for student who are in need of credit retrieval options, do not function well within the traditional education format, or whose work schedules do not mesh with public school schedules.
  • Serving long term suspension and expulsion students – GSN offers digital learning programs for use with students who are in danger of long term suspension or expulsion from public schools. Depending on district policies, a school may be able to assist students who may be suspended or expelled by enrolling them in GSN’s digital learning programs while they are still enrolled in public school.
  • Providing additional curriculum choices for small and rural school districts –GSN’s online programming allows small and rural school district to provide higher-level courses and additional electives without the budget pressure related to hiring additional staff.
  • Incarcerated/At-Risk students – Many schools and school districts have found that GSN’s online programs in language arts, math, science, social studies, health and life skills provide an excellent, comprehensive way for school districts to offer equal and diverse educational opportunities to both incarcerated and non-incarcerated, at-risk students.
  • Special Needs Students – Public, charter and private schools are often challenged, programmatically and financially, to find ways to best serve this population. GSN’s online education programs have been used successfully by numerous school districts looking for ways to serve their special needs student populations.
  • Summer School Options – GSN offers 365-days service contracts with unlimited course availability, making the GSN choice ideal for summer school students. School districts have the option of saving budget dollars using GSN’s online summer school programming in lieu of organizing a costly bricks-and-mortar summer school program.