Spring is just around the corner, which means warmer weather and sunshine after a long, cold winter. There are many easy ways to get outside and enjoy the season with your children. Here are some activities you can do together that require minimal planning or money. Grab your kids and go play outside today!


Go for a Bike Ride

Once the snow melts on the streets, grab your bikes and head out on a family adventure. Biking is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the nice weather. If you have a child who isn’t old enough to ride on their own yet, you can hook a bicycle trailer to your bike and pull them along. 


Plant a Garden

You don’t have to dig up your entire lawn to reconnect your child with the wonder of nature. Keep things simple by planting a small herb garden or using an old egg carton as a container. Turn this into a science lesson by having your child help you research plants that attract specific animals like birds or butterflies. If you plant an herb garden, you can use the herbs in a cooking class once they’ve grown. 


Go for a Picnic

Take your kids to the park or go on a short adventure to the backyard for this activity. You can buy fun picnic foods like sandwiches and chips, or just bring whatever you were going to eat for lunch out with you. Lay down a picnic mat or blanket on the grass and have fun talking and eating. This is a great way for kids to bond over mealtime. 


Use Sidewalk Chalk

Who doesn’t love sidewalk chalk? This activity is fun for children of all ages (and parents!) who want to get a little creative. Let your kids draw whatever they want or give them a prompt. This can be just for fun, like their favorite food or a family portrait. Or, you can tie in a school lesson by asking them to draw out math problems or spell certain words. 

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