Plato is an online curriculum used by both schools and homeschool families. Its research-based approach make it an effective and popular choice. As a teacher using Plato with students in an online school, I’m sharing my Plato Courseware review with these 5 benefits of ow it enriches student learning:

1. Plato is Efficient Learning

By this I mean that students do not have to use valuable instructional time on concepts and skills they have already mastered. How can a courseware tailor itself to each child? The answer lies in the diagnostic pretest. Each unit of study begins with a test to determine the student’s prior knowledge. A list of assignments is generated based on that test. If a student does well in a certain area when taking the pretest, then he/she will be exempted from assignments involving that same area. Instead they can focus on what they need to know.

This is ideal because students ready to excel can do so while students who need more time and support in a particular areas  of study can find that too.

2. Plato is Engaging

The lessons in Plato are media-rich – there pictures, diagrams, and videos. The interactive format means students submit answers as they go, keeping the student engaged. See our information here about how Plato works.

3. Plato Ensures Authentic Learning

Students participate through a variety of means – lessons, practice, tests online – as well as offline activities and assignments. The result is an authentic, multi-faceted learning experience.

4. Plato Gives a Clear Picture

When a student logs into their Plato account, they can see at a glance all of their courses. In addition, they can see their progress for each course (how much of the class in complete) and they can see their current grade for the course. Keeping this progress before the student helps to maintain motivation.

plato-benefits-to-students5. Plato Empowers Students to Take Ownership of Their Learning

Because students work through Plato at their own pace, they can see a direct correlation between their efforts toward learning and the results. Taking responsibility for your education is a mark of a lifelong learner.


Don’t take my word for it! Find out for yourself why so many families and schools choose Plato. Try a demo of Plato today.