No matter your child’s age, they don’t have to always watch videos and shows to gain knowledge! There are many great podcasts specifically geared towards kids of any age! If your kid is constantly wanting to know more information about certain things, then introduce them to podcasts and watch their trivia knowledge triple!

Podcasts for Learners

Your five-year old may not know exactly what they want to learn, or further study, and that’s okay! Give them a few podcasts to listen to on a variety of topics so they can figure out which one they like best. Your younger child may already have a long list of things they want to discover, so start digging! But if they aren’t sure where to begin, think about what they gravitate towards on their own. Do they always want a dinosaur toy at the store? Do they love talking about planets? Or do they like getting their hands dirty outside? Then look for any creative or informative podcasts on dinosaurs, fun facts about the planets, and how compost or plants grow.

Creative Podcasts 

The podcasts don’t always have to be filled with educational information either. There are many podcasts that can be for fun or silly in nature, especially for younger kids. There are podcasts about folktales, stories, and poems that are equally engaging for children. There are even podcasts centered around the age-old question of children: But Why? These podcasts explore the inner workings of things, people, cars, and more to give you break from the 300th time your child asks, “But why?”

There are also podcasts geared towards facts and fiction. They will interview or talk to one expert and one person who will randomly talk about the topic without knowing any information. Then you can decide which one sounds like the expert and which one is the fake. These podcasts are also great for road trips so the whole family can help pick who’s the expert! 


Want your kid to also stay current with the news but afraid it’s too much for them? It can be daunting listening to the news as an adult! There are also podcasts centered around news all around the globe, but geared for kids. They break up the information into smaller chunks that are easier to absorb and more appropriate for kids to hear. There’s no sugarcoating here, just the facts in a clear-cut manner that’s easy to understand for your children. 

Your kids will have a never-ending supply of podcasts depending on their plates, no matter what they feel like hearing!

Katie Kyzivat