With the coronavirus hitting many households hard in 2020, it created a whole new level of homeschooling. Whether parents were interested in teaching their children at home or not, many were forced to make accommodations and dive head first into the learning right alongside their children. If you were curious about homeschooling previously, and after experiencing it firsthand you want to pursue homeschooling for your children, there are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of the experience for both you and your family. Global Student Network has the tools and textbooks you need to help prepare for the upcoming school year right. 

First Things First

Simply wanting to homeschool your children is a good enough reason to dive-in headfirst, but you do want to have a structure for both you and your kids to get the most out of the learning materials. There are different ways of learning, whether it be through visual materials, listening or reading, and knowing how your child learns will help you set them up for success in grasping the ideas and concepts, actually retaining the information and being able to apply it for future use. You don’t have to necessarily set up your home as a classroom, either; you will want to have a structure of course, but focusing on the fact that your children are at home and not at a school will help you set up their best learning structure and space. It may take practice and won’t appear overnight, but don’t worry, as that can be part of the learning experience as well. Not being afraid to switch things up every once in a while isn’t a bad thing, as it creates a flow and can help build your child’s resilience to change. 

Homeschooling Reminders

One of the keys to proper homeschooling revolves around balance: a good balance of curriculum, whether it’s videos, readings, workbooks, essays, or reports. Allowing your children the creativity to showcase what they’re learning will help them become excited about the topic, even if it’s a subject they normally dislike. Just because you are responsible for the learning and schooling, doesn’t mean you have to replicate the exact public school learning and schooling models. Giving your child the creative flow will help him or her stay focused on the material and will lead him or her to retain the information better. Coupling with the learning is also extra-curricular activities. You will want to ensure your children are getting the exercise and physical stimulation they need to continue growing healthy. But this also means becoming slightly picky in what you sign them up for, focusing instead on their likes and dislikes, and what sports or activities they already enjoy. Just like with their learning style, your children also have an activity style, and following that will help keep your children active and engaged without it seeming like a chore or another assignment. 

Have Fun With It

With any new experience comes slight discomfort, but don’t forget how enjoyable the process can be as well. Embracing change and knowing that you will have to switch up some curriculum or after-school activities will leave you enjoying the moment and the joy that comes from helping your children learn. For the newest and vetted homeschooling resources, turn to Global Student Network. We have the premier online homeschooling options to help you nail down the learning structure your children need.