Changing schools can be a difficult decision to make, no matter the age of your child or children. You may be deciding whether to start your child in public or private school, or making the change from one to the other if your children aren’t happy. Although there isn’t an easy solution for most families, it’s always a good idea to weigh all the factors into any big decision. 

Your Child’s Feelings

There are many things to consider in making a switch or choosing which school is right for your child. First and foremost, though, your child’s opinion on the matter is a huge factor in this process. Older children who are already established in one school may have a difficult time making the transition to a completely new school. Understanding why your child feels upset or angry about switching schools will help you know whether their feelings are enough to change any decisions. You have the best intentions with your decision, but if your child is adamantly against it, that may only make the transition more difficult down the road. Explaining your decisions to them will also help them better understand why a change may have to happen, and help them embrace the newness. 

What the School Offers

If your child is younger, they may not quite know what they want or what choice is best. When deciding where to start your younger kids, researching the area schools should be your first step. See exactly what the public and private schools can offer your child both. Look for which offers the best in creative learning and arts, making sure the school is well-rounded. If your child is always excelling or enjoying certain subjects, like reading or dancing, finding schools that put this curriculum first will give your child a great learning experience. And of course, the same goes for your older children who may be switching schools as well. 

Public vs. Private

When it comes down to it, the deciding factor is what your child wants and needs to succeed in life and build a proper education. Many people think private schools are the best no matter what their child needs, but that’s not always the case. Public and private schools have varying disadvantages and advantages, depending on what your family needs to be happy. Figuring out what the best course of action is for your children will help you set them up for an easier learning experience and getting the tools they need in life. 

  Katie Kyzivat