Summer is still in full swing, but the next school year is quickly approaching. Whether you have a job in addition to your homeschool duties or are looking for an enriching experience for your kids, a child care facility can help support your efforts. Here are some questions to ask a potential child care provider before sending your child there.


What is your daily schedule?

An organized child care center should be able to provide you with a detailed calendar of daily activities. There are many different schedules that work well when it comes to watching children, but you want to make sure this is the right one for your child. If your main goal for your little one is socialization, look for an option that offers plenty of playtime and group activities. If your focus is learning and development, you’ll want a center that offers a variety of learning activities appropriate for your child’s age.


What is your discipline policy?

This can be a sensitive topic for parents. It is important that you thoroughly understand what discipline approach your child care provider uses and that you are comfortable with it before you send your child there. Many care providers have written guidelines that you can review. You can also ask to observe a class, as the opportunity for discipline will inevitably come up quickly. If you have any specific concerns, bring them up with the provider.


What food do you serve?

Most parents have specific ideas about what types of food their children should eat. Make sure you are comfortable with your child consuming the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or snack options they will be served. If not, ask if they have policies about you sending your own food with your child. If your child has allergies, ask how the food will be prepared and handled to accommodate their needs.


What is your sick child policy?

Children get sick pretty often, and your kid bringing home a bug may be inevitable. However, your child care center should do its best to avoid the spread of disease between kids. Look for a provider that does not allow children to be at daycare until at least 24 hours have passed since a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea has stopped. has a complete list of support groups to help support you in your homeschooling endeavors and connect with homeschoolers near you.   You can search the list of support groups here: