It can be tricky navigating the world as a child nowadays. Technology allows instant access to basically everything known to man, whether it’s true, real, fantasy, or fake. But within this realm also allows kids the opportunity to see everything as potentially real. It’s up to us parents to be able to help them navigate what’s real and what’s not.

The Advancement of Art

It can be extremely difficult for young children to know what’s real and fake when computer graphics are so heavily prevalent in basically every show, movie, and video. Growing up before the 2000s, it was usually easier to tell what’s a mask or prosthetics over a human. But with today’s smooth transitions and ultra-real facial structures, it can be difficult to comprehend that these characters aren’t real. 

Breaking the News

Most children love reading and watching stories about all these swash-buckling adventures because, well, it’s fun! Everybody loves a good story and who hasn’t wished it to happen to themselves? Being able to adventure around with a pirate, an elf, or a mermaid would be fantastic at any age! But when you’re a child, it can seem like a real possibility with so much media and stories about it. 

It’s often difficult breaking the news to your kids about the fact of reality and fantasy, and it may be confusing for your kids at first to comprehend. Make sure to give them time to absorb what you’re telling them, and that they fully understand what you’re telling them. You can even talk about one of their favorite books or movies as an example, to better ensure they’re understanding the concepts. 

Give Them Time

Again, we don’t want to dash away that sense of adventure and joy that comes from the fantasy realm. But it’s also important for your kids to eventually learn that the fantasy world doesn’t exist so they don’t potentially try anything dangerous. There’s always a time in life when you have to realize there isn’t going to be quite the adventure as hanging out with a mermaid, but that you can still experience the world through adventures! And be sure to remind your kids of that as often as they need to continue feeling that sense of fun! Take road trips as often as you can so your children can see what the world has to offer, and how magical it can be despite no wizards or dragons!  

Katie Kyzivat