Do you notice your children avoiding homework? Or dreading going to school everyday? Depending on their course load and teachers, there could be something more going on at school that is making them apprehensive about learning. Depending on your child’s changing viewpoint on school, it may be due to several factors that you will have to have a deeper conversation with them about.

Recognizing the Apprehension

It may seem subtle at first, but you will probably start to see a shift in their enthusiasm towards school, teachers, or homework. They may be asking to stay home more often, pretending to be ill, or avoiding their homework altogether. Of course, most kids do not want to bother with school and have those days they just do not want to go. But for the kids who usually are enthusiastic about attending school or working on projects, and now suddenly seem distant, this can be a sign of apprehension and avoidance. 

Helping Your Child

If you are noticing these or similar signs of avoidance when it comes to your kid’s schoolwork, it is time to sit down and discuss what is potentially bothering them. It may be something as simple as them not picking up the learning material as quickly as usual. Some kids can easily breeze through some subjects but sometimes hit a bump, and it can feel disappointing to them. Recognizing that they may need a tutor or a little extra time or effort on that subject or homework may be all it takes to help them overcome their apprehension. They may be avoiding the work because they do not understand the material at all, and feel guilty or embarrassed to ask for help. Make sure to encourage your children to always ask questions and to help them understand the material moving forward. 

If it seems like a more deeply rooted problem or more of a social problem that they do not want to discuss, you can always reach out to their teacher as well. It could be a case of bullying, or your child not getting along with another student (or vice versa), and it causes them stress. Your teacher may also be able to give you insight into helping your child understand the material or to ask the teacher when they are struggling. They may be faking their way through the classroom and their teacher may think they have a better understanding of the subject. 

With a little investigating, you can easily get to the root of your child’s apprehension and get them back to being excited about school again!

Kaite Kyzivat