There are a lot of misconceptions about homeschoolers, many of which revolve around what they’re “missing” from public school. But frankly, the only things that kids miss out on from public school are the negative aspects they don’t need to experience anyway. From bullying to rushed mornings, here are some public school experiences you can say goodbye to when you begin homeschooling.



You know the people who say bullying “builds character?” That’s not true. Children who are teased and ridiculed at school do not become better adults than those who aren’t. This is often one of the worst things students and parents experience in public school, and there is rarely anything done to fix the problem. As a homeschool parent, you will have a better handle on your children’s friends and will be able to identify problems early. Better yet, you’ll be able to do something about it.

Test Anxiety

Public school is designed to teach a huge number of students who all learn differently. Testing is generally how student performance is measured, and the impersonal approach often causes test anxiety in kids. Tests put a huge amount of pressure on them. You don’t even have to give tests as a homeschool parent if you don’t want to. Figure out how your child learns best and go with that.

Safety Concerns

Between school shootings, illnesses, and poorly supervised playtime, it’s not uncommon to worry about your child’s safety at public school. When you homeschool, you can put those concerns aside knowing you control your child’s environment.


Rushed Mornings

Getting your kids up and out the door by 7:30 am is hectic, to say the least. Say goodbye to frantic mornings by homeschooling your kids. You can start school any time you want to and be flexible depending on the day. Did your child have a late soccer game the evening before and is exhausted in the morning? Send them back to bed for a couple of hours. Want to enjoy a long breakfast together as a family? No big deal. You control the timeframe as a homeschool parent.


Determining the legality of starting homeschooling in your state couldn’t be easier! has a complete list of homeschool requirements organized by state here: