Today’s kids are growing up with more technology and less hands-on memorabilia. Gone are the Polaroids, the DVDs, and other hand-held gadgets of the yester years in lieu of having most everything on your phone. But if your kids are looking for a fun hobby to pick up, why not show them scrapbooking? 

Getting Started

Whether you’re a scrapbooking queen or just beginning yourself, getting started is super easy! Decide with your kid which specific trip or holiday you want to remember, or if you want to simply do a scrapbook of their fun memories so far. If there was a particular event they attended and want to scrapbook that, select all the necessary photos from their phone and simply print them out at an office supply store. If they want to pick memories that mean a lot to them, ask if they want any help or if they want to spend an afternoon sifting through their photos on their phone to select the right ones. 

Visit a craft store to gather any necessary supplies you may need. These can be stickers, charms, markers, crafting scissors, different shaped hole punchers, pens, and of course, the scrapbook itself! Select paper that accents the scrapbook itself, and make sure to get plenty in case of any do-overs. 

Make Memories

Ensure you have a large area to work with, and guide your child on how they want to present some of the pages with their layouts. Get a feel for how they want to best showcase some of the photos and offer some suggestions of which stickers or embellishments to use. If they really want to make it their own, stay on the sidelines and offer advice. If they need some assistance, give them as much rein as they want while maybe working on a page or two, here and there. 

Time Capsules

Something can be said for the magic of pictures, and having them in hand makes the memories more real! Depending on how much you have, it may require multiple sessions to complete it. If your kid really enjoyed the experience and wants to continue making more scrapbooks, let the crafting begin! You can even invite their friends over to have a scrapbooking party too! They can all bring a scrapbook and the pictures they want to use, and you can supply all the accessories and paper necessary to make it shine. Kids can spend hours working on their scrapbooks and have endless memories!

Katie Kyzivat