Has Spring Fever invaded your home? The birds are singing and the sun is beaming and your homeschooler is getting restless.  Spring has officially sprung and the warm outdoors are making it difficult to keep your child focused on schoolwork and learning. It’s no surprise that you may also be feeling some of the same symptoms at spring fever at this time of the year. Everyone is tired and ready for the school year to be finished. Your mind is probably already thinking about next year and new ideas you are excited to implement. However, there is still more learning that must take place and curriculum to cover. Need some ideas to complete the school year on a positive note? Here are some guaranteed ways to cure spring fever during your homeschool day! 

Welcome the season of spring by moving your homeschool learning space to the great outdoors! A patio table, picnic table or even moving a kitchen table into the yard is an excellent way to enjoy sunshine while completing daily lessons.  For reading time, make a relaxing nook under a tree or perhaps in a hammock. Read books with a spring theme that include settings and activities that revolve around this season. 

Plan a picnic lunch and enjoy eating outside while breathing in some fresh air and soaking up some Vitamin D.  Plant a garden that you and your child can nurture and grow together and of course enjoy eating in the summer! Research and read about gardening vegetables and fruits. Your child will love watching the life cycle from seed to plant. It will be an excellent opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment as you watch your garden grown and you reap your harvest to enjoy as a family. 

Everyone loves a field trip! Plan a visit to a zoo or an aquarium for the day. Have your student choose an animal of great interest that they can observe while on the trip. Take lots of pictures that day to include in their project. After returning home, they can research their animal and make a book or brochure all about it while integrating science, reading and writing skills. They can share their finished product with family and friends! 

Spring time is always a challenge to keep minds focused as the school year is coming to an end. Try incorporating these outdoor learning activities to embrace the beauty of spring and keep learning right into the summer!