Everyone wants to raise a successful kid, but what does that really mean? Success varies wildly by your definition of what’s important in life, but there are a few principles that are universal. Here are some concepts to teach your homeschool child to prepare them for a great life.

It’s Not All About Money

While finances are an important part of adult life, teach your child at a young age that money isn’t everything. Especially as they get older and begin thinking about future careers, encourage them to pursue topics that interest them. It’s easy for older kids to get sucked into the idea that they need to be wealthy to be happy, but that’s simply not true.

Fears Need to be Faced

Your child is going to come across scary things in their life. Teach them it’s okay to be afraid of things, but they shouldn’t let their fears dictate their life. Depending on your child and their personal obstacles, these lessons may need to begin at a young age. Don’t force your child to grow up too fast, but be sure to share the importance of courage in the face of fear.

Teamwork is Crucial

Whether they like it or not, everyone needs to be able to work in a group setting. It can be more difficult to find opportunities for group projects when you homeschool, so make sure to look for ways that your child can work with others. Team building, integrity, and hard work are just a few of the qualities they’ll learn in this setting.

You Need to Believe in Yourself

Parenting involves a balance between being realistic and teaching your child that they can accomplish anything. When it doubt, lean toward the latter. A child should never feel like they aren’t capable of accomplishing something they’re passionate about. Encourage them to dream big and believe in the amazing things they can do.

Kindness Will Get You Far

Kindness is a basic principle that every child should learn at a young age. Teach them how to be empathetic of others and to not treat anyone differently because of the way they look or act. A child who grows up being kind and loving toward others will be far more successful in life than someone who approaches the world with cynicism and rudeness.