More and more, technology is increasing in today’s schools and only gaining popularity. It is a great tool to help keep student’s more involved and active in their teaching and schoolwork, both in and out of the classroom. But will technology keep increasing each year? 

New Methods to Teaching

Most people agree that technology is a positive experience, especially in schools. It allows children access to schoolwork and learning who may not be able to attend a traditional school. It also helped millions of children continue to learn during the Covid outbreak. It also is giving a more innovative experience to children learning. Most kids would agree that traditional teaching is not for every student, and that it can be hard to stay focused and work. Having technology in the classroom allows for more students to learn without feeling bored and actually participate more. Teachers can feel better as they have more opportunities to reach more kids and break up the day with differing ways of teaching. As technology grows, it will only give more ways to teach kids and give them more opportunities to learn and grow as individuals over the years to come. 

Always Online

Some people may argue that technology in schools may get to be too much. Kids are already spending a lot of time on their phones, and then could also be in an online-learning coursework where they have limited time with actual teachers (if any at all). It may seem a little lonely or too technology-driven to some people, as a child may interact with people less and less over time. As of right now, there is still ample opportunity for children to play with other kids, and still have access to teachers in person. As time goes by, this may change as well, but in today’s reality, tech is the driving force for many tasks and ways of living. 

The Future of Tech

It can be hard to say what the future of schools may be like in five, ten, or even fifty years from now. It can be safe to say that technology will amp up as the years continue. This may translate to no brick or mortar buildings all together, or it could just mean there are more opportunities for children to learn from anywhere on the globe. Either way, it is an exciting time to be a parent or teacher as you can help your child learn to the best of their capability, no matter where you are!

Katie Kyzivat