You’ve been working all summer long in getting the necessary supplies for your children’s upcoming school year. Glue, paper, binders, pens and all the necessities to make the school year sparkle has been piling up in one of the corners of your home. You’ve also been doing research on the right curriculum chosen for your homeschooling adventure this fall. One item you may not have thought about though, is your Internet connection. Is your Internet provider going to be able to keep up with your children’s online learning?

Advanced Technology

You may have already done your homework and know that your Internet is strong and stable enough to handle all the online learning. Or you may think it will be, since it seemed to be running fine earlier. Many people assume their connection is strong enough to withstand multiple platforms in using it, including tablets, computers, TV and more. But when it comes to your children’s learning, you don’t want to be stuck with a slow or unreliable Internet connection. Having their learning online only, getting their lessons and interaction from online resources will require a high-speed connection, and a reliable company that can help you troubleshoot any issues you may have. If you have multiple children using the Internet for schoolwork, too, this can also affect your reliability and connection strength. 

Test Your Connection

If you can, it might be worth it in trying to test your Internet by running a lot of diagnostics and tech at the same time. With a full house, you may already have a couple of tablets in use, cell phones and TVs, but they may not be using as many resources as your children’s online curriculum.  Talk with your provider and see if they have any tips or tricks to better handle the extra workload. Also make sure that they can help you troubleshoot or strengthen your connection if that is necessary once the school year starts. The last thing you want is everybody running on low speeds and a poor connection while you get everything sorted out. 

Being Prepared

With even more rural areas getting fiber optic Internet and faster speeds, this may end up not being an issue for your household. But keep this in the back of your mind while you begin your new school year preparations. You can try a few things at home to test your connection and ensure everything will run smoothly come August. This will help you avoid any future headaches and will help your children’s transition to online learning even more.  

Katie Kyzivat