Many children today grow up watching television, playing computer games, and using portable devices. You probably rely on many of these devices as a homeschool parent to educate your child. Even so, it’s natural to feel concerned about the amount of time your kids spend in front of screens. These tips will help you emphasize healthy electronic usage at home. 


Set a Good Example

Your kids look to you for guidance in how they should live their own lives. You can be a positive example for your children by staying off your devices as much as possible when you aren’t using them for your homeschool curriculum. If you and your partner are always on your phones or using other screen-based electronics, your kids will take that as an example to follow along. Make it clear to your kiddos that your life does not revolve around your phone. Avoid bringing any electronics to the dinner table and always put your phone down when they want to talk so you don’t leave the impression that your device is more important than they are. 


Set Limits

All media use should have reasonable limits during the day. Aside from schoolwork, give your child a set period of time that they are allowed to be on their screens during the day. You can even designate “no screen zones” in your home where electronic devices are not allowed. This will help your child naturally take breaks from their devices and will allow for playtime and family bonding instead. 


Get Outside

It’s easy for children to get bored when they’re inside all day. Step away from the screens as often as you can and get outside to enjoy nature. Take your kids on a walk to the park and spend the evening playing in the grass. You can even hang out in your backyard looking for pretty rocks or unique birds in the trees. 


Avoid Background Media Use

It’s common for people to put on television in the background when cleaning, doing chores, or relaxing. Unfortunately, this can set an unhealthy precedent for your child that media use is healthy all day long. Turn off the TV whenever you aren’t actively watching it and show your child that it’s fine to have quiet time without any screens.