Up until now, families have been able to decide whether or not they wanted to homeschool their kids. However, in the midst of a global pandemic, many schools across the country are opting for an online-only schedule, and parents are being forced to homeschool their kids one way or another for an unknown period of time. Whether you’re helping guide your kids through their public school’s online system or switching to full-on homeschooling for the upcoming year, here are a few tips for homeschooling during coronavirus.


1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

As a parent, you’re doing everything you can to ensure your child gets a proper education, and this year is no different. It can be easy to feel like you’re not doing a good job (especially after seeing Instagram posts and YouTube videos of moms with the perfect at-home setup at smiling kids 24/7) but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get this done perfectly. Do your best with the resources you have and your child will learn everything they need to while homeschooling during coronavirus.


2. Know your child.

Just like you’re being thrown into the fray, your child is too. If you’re choosing to work with your child’s public school system, decide what will and won’t work for your kid. If Zoom classes are overwhelming or intimidating for your child, talk to their teacher about turning off their video or opting out completely. Consider hiring a remote tutor if your kid has a hard time learning independently and needs extra help. Or on the flip side, consider putting together Zoom study groups if your child wants the extra socialization and works better in a group. They’ll feel better knowing they don’t have to do this alone.


3. Create a schedule, but be flexible.

Scheduling your day is necessary to get everything accomplished, especially when you’re trying to help teach your kids on top of housework, chores, or a job. How strict your schedule is will be up to you and your needs, but at least take the time to create “learning time zones” or pockets of time during the day focused on schoolwork. That being said, be flexible with your schedule. Things come up, whether it’s an unexpected delay at work or a bad mood, and trying to force productivity out of those situations doesn’t help anyone. Unless you have a tight school deadline you can’t miss, it’s okay to take a few hours or even a full day to let everyone in the house relax before you get back at things.

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