Everybody loves a vacation, and they are always well deserved. You may take time for yourself and stay home for a few days, or decide to take a week and visit family or friends in a different state. However you choose to spend your travels, they can always be a great way to explore the country with your children!


Not everybody can afford to travel, but many people save and then splurge on a fun trip to Rome or France, or even somewhere closer to see friends. There may be occasions where it is too difficult taking your children, which is understandable. Or your children may still be young and may not remember the events or travel, but will certainly have a lot of crying to do over the hassle. But if your children are a little older, taking them along on these trips is a great way for them to see other people, places, cultures, and of course, the food! One way to help your children gain perspective is through visiting other states and countries, getting a feel for how people interact with each other and the kindness of strangers. Seeing the same places over and over again can give your children a closed set of rules, etiquette, and culture. 


It all may sound great, and maybe you have even tried to travel but your children were none too pleased about a disruption in their schedule. For younger children, it can be confusing and stressful being in new places and eating different things. And while this can certainly put a damper on your travels, make sure you are also giving your kids a chance to explore on their own terms. If they refuse to eat something out of the ordinary, ask and encourage them to at least take a bite to see if they like it. If they are refusing to walk anymore or are stuck in their ways, find something they want to see or if they are lingering on a particular park or sculpture, give them a few more minutes to keep exploring. There is bound to be something your children can appreciate while traveling and seeing the sights, just be open to it!


And for the parents with older children, have them help you plan out the trip as much as possible. Give them the opportunity to pick a few places or sights to see that they really like. Allow plenty of time to explore the areas and engage with your children about why they enjoy the certain spots so much. You may be able to find other landmarks, museums, etc, that can also make for a great additional stop! Happy travels!

Katie Kyzivat