Everyone uses computers these days. Even if you’re stressing the importance of handwriting to your kids, you’re probably using an online program to assist you in your homeschooling efforts. Here are some great online typing courses to help your kids become keyboard wizards. 


Type Type Revolution

This game combines typing with music for a super fun way for your child to learn their way around a keyboard. Simply type the letters as they pass through the bar at the top of the screen to the beat of the music. 


Animal Typing

This game simplifies touch typing and helps young children develop the skill. Each player gets an animal based on their typing level that gets faster as their typing skills improve. It is available to play on the phone or computer. 


Typing Club

This website is a straightforward way to help kids improve how many words they can type per minute. The goal is to work your way up to 100 words per minute with instructional videos, games, and lessons to help your child type correctly. It’s best for children who are slightly older and have some typing experience. 


Mickey’s Typing Adventure

This typing game is perfect for fans of Disney. In this game, Mickey and his friends have been enchanted and it’s up to your child to save them by mastering their typing skills. Each level introduces a new skill and your child saves a new character in the game each time they master that skill. It’s a really fun way to make typing more engaging, especially for younger learners. 



This website is free and packed with games for learners of every skill level. There are plenty of different tests and activities to choose from and you can adjust the difficulty level on most games. Lessons are easy to follow with simple instructions and helpful graphics about finger placement.