Everybody knows what a teacher does in a day, right? Their job description is right in their job title! But teachers do more than just teach their students, which is a big hurdle in of itself. Teachers’ jobs are very versatile and varied, and even though they have at least a basic relationship with parents, there’s sometimes a list of items that people and parents don’t think about when it comes to teaching. 

Not Just Teaching

For most parents, it’s easy to get into the mindset that teachers simply teach their children, but much more goes into the teaching process every day that most people don’t think about. Teachers, on a daily basis, are also mentors, coaches, counselors, and even nurses if the children are young enough or have accessibility needs. And of course, teachers! Just teaching a certain subject or even a topic within that subject can be difficult enough with a room full of children, let alone when one or two students may be falling behind, another student has an accident, another one is causing a ruckus and another student could be deaf. 

There are so many facets involved in simply teaching that for many parents, it can be misunderstood or underappreciated by accident just how much goes into being a teacher. Even motivating students to learn can be another job itself. Kids may enjoy learning on a grander scale, but if they are hungry or tired, they’re not going to be as ready to learn that day, and cause issues or simply won’t retain the information. 

Certification Is Tough

Within the United States, there is a rigorous training and certification program to become a teacher. Although each state has it’s own process in being certified to teach, most have a baseline that requires college education and coursework that’s very intensive. There are many preparation programs teachers have to go through. This can include comprehension courses to ensure a teacher is learned in the areas of what they want to teach, that typically end with multiple certification exams. After that, there is preparatory work, where you’re showing that you know how to manage a classroom and actually teach information. It’s a very arduous journey and shows the dedication and sweat a teacher is willing to do in order to get the certification and teach. 

Compensation Is Even Tougher

And beyond all that, teachers don’t get paid nearly enough for the amount of work they do. Compensation is quite low, and on top of that, a lot of teachers will have to buy supplies out of pocket too. Some teachers need state assistance or additional jobs to make ends meet, even though they’re the backbone of our children’s education. 

Remember to be a support to your children’s teachers and show your appreciation often! 

Katie Kyzivat