A morning basket is a popular tool in the homeschool community. Also referred to as morning time or circle time, a morning basket refers to a time in the day when everyone in your house comes together to learn about specific things. No matter the age difference between your kids, this is a time where everyone gets together to talk and learn for a short period of time. Here’s more info and why you need one.

How Do You Create a Morning Basket?

Most families fill their morning baskets with books, quiet activities, memory games, CDs, or other similar activities. The goal is to find things that everyone will enjoy. You also want things that will create a good start to your morning. To create your own, find a large basket and fill it with things like coloring books, poetry, audiobooks, and mindfulness cards. If you want to do something that doesn’t have a physical resource like go on a nature walk or stretch your muscles, write the activity down on a card and place it in the basket.

Why Every Homeschool Family Needs One

There are lots of benefits of a morning basket. If you fill it with gentle music and poetry, it is a great way to start the day on a relaxing note. It is also a good opportunity to bring your family together, especially if you have multiple kids with different school schedules. This might be the only time in the day they get to learn together. Learning something new is a great bonding experience.

If you let your kids choose some of the items you put in a morning basket, it also gives your kids some control in their education. This will make them more excited to learn and help them develop important leadership skills. For parents, letting your kids work through the morning basket also gives you a chance to sip your coffee and prep for a busy day. It’s a win-win for everyone in the house!