Many American families don’t live in America. Military service, business travel, temporary overseas jobs, missionary service – these are a few of the purposes that send families globe-trotting. One of the biggest challenges families face is how to “do school” while living abroad. True, travel and living in another country is a super education in itself, but the kiddos still need to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic!

Many ex-pat families embrace international homeschool programs as the solution. Global Student Network (GSN) has been providing such programs to families living all over the world since 2004. Here are just a few reasons why families around the world opt for international homeschooling programs online through Global Student Network.


GSN has an open enrollment policy, meaning families can enroll at any time. Is June to April the better time for your family to focus on school? GSN makes that possible! Traveling from place to place? Because our curriculum is available wherever internet is accessible, school can travel with you! One time of the day more ideal for learning than other? Families can set their own daily learning schedule.


Usually a curriculum company offers you . . . A (one, singular) curriculum. GSN offers a variety of the best international homeschool programs: 6 complete, comprehensive programs, plus extra high school electives and world languages (Rosetta Stone). Families can choose the option that is best for their students according to their students’ needs, their family’s values, and their academic goals.


Online curriculum is engaging and interactive. Students work at their own pace, taking time where they need to and accelerating when they are ready. The instant feedback keeps students motivated. The result? Students build confidence and independence. Also, mastery-based curriculum programs assure that there are no gaps in student learning.

Transition into American Schools

If families plan to return state-side, they can choose a curriculum that will dove-tail nicely into an American school.

Another Option – An Accredited Online School

International Virtual Learning Academy is an accredited online school for students in grades K-12. Each class is supported by a certified teacher and each student and family works closely with a mentor.

The Real Reason Families Choose GSN?

“How will I provide a quality education for my children while living overseas?” is a question that can consume a great amount of time and resources. Families who choose to answer that question with homeschool programs from GSN find they can put their time and resources to better use – exploring and enjoying the location where they currently live.

Looking for an international homeschool program? Take a look at our curriculum options and request demo videos today!